Investment History

The management team and lead investors in 1010 Ventures come from Amidi Group of companies, the same group whose startup investment activity since 1998 has resulted in being regarded among the top technology investors in Silicon Valley. Notable early stage investments from our portfolios include:

Additional Milestones and Achievements as a Result of Investment Activity Include:

  • Establishing a portfolio of over 400¬†startup companies
  • The combined fair market value of all startups in portfolio is OVER $12,000,000,000 (US)
  • Achieving a 1000% ROI for portfolio
  • Currently investing in 80+ startups annually, and being ranked as the #1 investor/accelerator in Silicon Valley
  • Responsible for accelerating more than 2,000 startups since founding Plug and Play Technology Center in 2006
  • Having assisted startups in raising over $2,000,000,000 (US) in additional funding
  • Total number of jobs created as a result of growing successful startups: 10,000+

1010 Ventures will leverage its investment expertise and successful track record to capitalize on the most technologically innovative startups emerging from Los Angeles.